A Top Thought

roofing21It is often called by many names: There is Karma, fate, coincidence, or any other word you might attache to it. The truth still stands, there is power in thoughts. We take it for granted that we have the things we need. Or, we wonder why what we want seems to become ours. I want to relate a story about thought processes. This is a true story, although it is not about me. I was just an interested observer. There is a woman. She is a happy, and motivated woman. She liked nice things and enjoyed entertaining. Her goal one summer became a much larger project then planned. There was a pavilion in her plans and it required a lot more work then at first thought. By the time it reached the roofing stage it was too late to order the supplies. The project would not be ready for the Fourth of July party. This woman decided she needed to put a roof on this pavilion. She started to contact many roofing companies. Due to the holiday they were unable to supply the needed materials for the roof repair Houston. Now, you know how a company can become overwhelmed near holidays. This particular roofing company was beyond booked in there supply for the demand. This woman decided she must have the pavilion done. She told us, and all the world, that the roofing would be ready before they were out of time. She concentrated on the desire to have the needed supplies before the weekend. This is what she said, acted, and expected. We did not believe it was possible. Yet we watched and waited for her to come up with a solution. We were shocked when the supplier let her know she could pick up the order days before she should have been able to. She had the thought and what she focused on came to her. This is the power of your thoughts. Our job is to not just think good thoughts, help others think good thoughts. Make all your words not just thoughts, make them top thoughts. This is the truth about positive thinking as I understand it.